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Official home page for Japanese classical guitarist and composer Hidè Takemoto.

Inspired by his guru, the great virtuoso and composer Keigo Fujii, Hidè’s guitar technique can be traced back via José Luis Gonzaléz, Andrés Segovia, Miguel Llobet to the great Francisco Tárrega.

Hidè studied at Osaka College of Music and Guildhall School of Music & Drama with Robert Brightmore, David Miller, Daniel Schroyens, Judith Bingham, as well as master classes of David Russell, Shin-ichi Fukuda and Michael Tröster.

Hidè’s wide influences come from classical, rock (X Japan, Dream Theater, Steve Vai), Indian and Japanese music, giving him a unique and original style of performance and composition.

Welsh Folk Songs - Sheet Music

Y Deryn Pur COVER.jpg
Y Deryn Pur COVER.jpg

Welsh Folk Songs - Sheet Music

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For guitar solo in D Major.

This is an arrangement of two beautiful Welsh folk songs;

Y Deryn Pur (The Pure Bird), and

Y Enter Gadd ei Gwrthod (The Girl who was Refused)

These arrangements are inspired by a Welsh singer Sîan James. Both songs are included in her CD "Pur" (2000 - BOS Records RBOS001), a recording of Welsh folk song collection accompanied by herself on Welsh Harp.

The songs are well-known in Wales but not at all popular in the rest of the world.